Download PHP and JavaScript codes

PHP and JavaScript codes for easy integration of websocket communication into online web projects and applications.

PHP class Rest2WebSocket (Rest To Websocket)

Rest2WebSocket is a simple PHP class (API connector) for server communication with the control API (websocket infrastructure). See more information on how to use PHP Rest2WebSocket API connector and check out examples of websocket services.

Javascript library for applications with websockets

A simple javascript library for easily creating web applications with websockets. Use the CDN link or download the javascript library directly from DataAPPs to your server. DataAPPs is the primary provider of websocket services published on this website.

JavaScript library (minified 58 kB):

JavaScript library (classic 76 kB):

Basic javascript codes for your own web applications

Javascript applications for free download and use in your web projects. You can use the applications listed below for free using in your web projects as they are, or customize them to your own needs. Contact us to activate your own websocket server.

WebNtf - Application for web notifications via websocket

Small javascript application for real-time web notifications via websocket (ZIP package with JS and CSS). To install and configure the application, read the text file readme.txt in the zip package. More information about web notifications can be found on this page.

More applications for your online projects

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